My cultural identity defines who I am and where I come from. Through printmaking and book arts, I investigate and express my pride and joy about where I grew up. Coming from a Scottish and Portuguese background, but born and raised in Hong Kong has made me realize how unique and lucky I am to be surrounded by such diverse cultures. 

I use animals in my work as they hold so many different meanings and represent a certain characteristic. Intricate patterns have also been a big part of my work as the beauty and confusion intertwined created from the pattern represents myself and where I come from. The patterns are created by hand then transformed into a print. By doing this it allows me to share multiple copies of my designs, while still maintaining the production of original hand crafted artwork in each print.

Working with a variety of printmaking techniques, I find myself most comfortable and connected with screen printing and relief printing. Screen printing allows me to print the intricate patterns exactly how I draw them, giving the prints a unique handmade touch. Building up layers in both of these techniques relates back to the memories from my childhood.